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She'll Be Right (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

by Vocal Few

We’ll Make it Someday – (Scotsman/ASCAP) In the car crash of my life I’ve been the driver Steering blind, in every accident I’ve caused theres no survivors I hope my passengers forgive me my mistakes We haven’t made it to our destination yet We still have debts to pay, but Remember when we used to believe? Yeah, We’ll make it someday! Yeah, We’ll make it someday! However desperate and marginalized, we will be childishly hopeful and blind Yeah, We’ll make it someday! Through all the wreckage and the messes we’ve been through I’ve been your navigator, calmly guiding, sitting next to you So don’t you take all of the credit or the blame We still have plenty more mistakes to make I wouldn’t want it any other way Remember when we used to believe?
The Fountain 05:02
The Fountain – (Scotsman/ASCAP) Give me a drink of water To cool my tongue It’s been far too long to be thirsty and Far too short to be numb Give me your shame I will breathe it all into my lungs And when I exhale You will know what it’s like to be loved So come, come drink from the fountain Feel the cool water rush in Come, come drink from the fountain You’ll never be thirsty again Give me the peace That’s missing inside my soul ‘Cause I’ve been waiting for years holding on Just to find that I’ve got to let go You drink all you can but you cant get enough You hold on to promises that were promised without love So when you’ve decided that you’ve had enough I will be here at the well Waiting to fill you up
Every Second 03:45
Every Second –(Scotsman/ASCAP) A woman on a plane sitting next to me says it’s a terrible thing to get old I asked her why, she said because you die and one piece at a time you unfold I said I feel it now at twenty-five, yeah I’ve been dying since the day I was born But if there's still one thing worse than that it’s dying without a warning It’s dying without being warned So if the cabin pressure drops and we start falling from the sky We’ll both pray to God in the last seconds of our lives But if we don’t die today then may this memory remain That every second lived is worth each second of the pain Oh flight attendant could you tell me the story of how you gave up trying to control your fate and rescue yourself So calm and patient you greet death every day with a smile If today he takes you would you say that your life was worthwhile, and just smile? Hallelujah, Hallelujah I never dreamed this life for me but I am not afraid At 35,000 feet I make my peace with fate If my work here’s complete, before we hit the ground May we sing the truth that sets us free ‘Cause every second counts
Mexico 03:41
Mexico – (Scotsman/ASCAP) What say you and me drive down the coast We’ll take the back roads so we get close and roll the windows down so we can hear the ocean I hope you know it’s always you I loved the most So here’s a toast to our memories as we coast in cruise control Don’t say it gets better than this because you never know Yeah, lets drive this piece of junk down to Mexico And we’ll go down to walk the sun set in to the sea Watch it sink beneath the waves into the deep green ocean water I swear it’s the color of your eyes And we’ll never have to live our lives again Yeah we don’t got no money so we’ll sleep in the car We’ll make self portraits in the sand on the beach at the Prairie Creek State Park Don’t say it don’t get better than this because you never know So let’s pack what’s left of ours and head for the border And we’ll escape the day to day We’ll run away, We’ll run away And we’ll escape the things we hate We’ll run away, We’ll run away
I was 23 you were only just 18 when you returned my call and I took you to the dance near the waterfalls A slower song came on I couldn't tell you what it was but I asked you to dance, and you let me take you by the hand as I held you close the arms of the holy ghost wrapped us in a feeling deep and true It hit me in the chest I felt it wasn't the first time we had done this I couldn't shake the wave of deja vu because... you are my closest friend the love we have will never end I never have to second guess anymore I've found what I've been looking for after the song when we sat down I couldn't even make a sound holding back a wave that I could hardly bare you thought I didn't like you much but If I'd told you what I'd felt you probably would have turned your tail and promptly left me there the truth is I was scared I had found you and I wanted not to lose you again because… you are my closest friend the love we have will never end I never have to second guess anymore I've found what I've been looking for it's been 23 years since we both believed and gave our lives to one another our love grew quickly for each other truth is I'd never change a thing I believe one day we'll dress in white forever we will sing… you are my closest friend the love we have will never end I never have to second guess anymore I've found what I've been looking for
Jackson 02:52


released August 19, 2022




Vocal Few Seattle, Washington

Matt & Kristie MacDonald make pop/folk songs that tell stories of travel & change & dreams & struggles. Life's a trip. A roadtrip.

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