The Dream Alive

by Vocal Few

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standing under an overpass in the rain looks like we’ve been stranded once again  and there is not a lonelier sound that the wheels on the ground above  the cars pass by and so does a normal life and why are we left behind? as our dreams die we got so much more in common with the corner dwellers sitting next to a brand new friend of mine, shares his fifth of jim with me, got a twinkle in his eye beats the hell out of everyones cold stare, looking but not really there, but we catch the unprepared, sometimes It’s him and me, invisible ghosts of the street every grin we share is like a prayer committed to the song we sing and it goes give me hope I’ve got nowhere else to go I don’t know if I can wake another day in the cold on my own give me hope
Time 04:27
doing the best we can watching the second hand sometimes spins like a fan sometimes it stops days blur into weekends where does it go and then it seems like we’re working with a broken clock time, it is not on our side  the days are steps we take against a fate we can't deny if in the end we fade into the night then why should I serve time? remember who we have been looking at our children how did they get here, where do they go so fast? if our lives get boiled down to who, what, when, where and how then nothing outside of now can ever last doing the best we can years start and then they end blink and it’s gone again we’ve come so far when we’re seven decades in will we still be holding hands watching our grandchildren? I hope we are time it is not on our side at last we drift, black ash across the waves into the night in death I am set free from serving time so why did I?
I felt you in the morning when the sun started to shine from the corner of my window came the warmth of light divine so I shook off my hangover, grabbed a coffee and a pen It felt like hell, the pain I held, so I traded it for heaven and you took me back again you didn’t ask what did I learn you saw my every foolish turn you didn't warn me I might burn no you just love me when you take me back again I've been doing this a lot now, I forget you in the night when the business of celebrating keeps me from the quiet and I hold you at arms length there, so I can do whatever I please but the love I feel each morning serves to bring me to my knees when you take me back again I been spending all my daytime trying to do everything right I take captive every thought out of respect for mornings light but when evening rolls around I get taking back what's mine The lines are blurred, again I serve myself, into the night what did I give you to deserve you what did I do to be worth anything to you nothing in me is good, I never stay true will you ever take me back enough for me stay new?
go for a drive in the car thinking how we’ve come so far oh, got a long way to go will we ever weather the storm we're cold, when will we ever get warm? oh never had enough money to pay the rent and if we ever got lucky, we would spend every last cent and we would say why don’t we just live today tomorrow’s too far away we want a reason to say one day that we did our best to keep the dream alive in the place that we are cruising cross the country by car oh, got a long way to go pack up all the kids in the van maybe we could fly to japan, oh why don’t we just live today tomorrow’s too far away we want our daughters to say one day that we did our best to keep the dream alive
I was an unbridled mustang you stopped me dead with your stare when I dismissed all your saddle busting how quick was your whip in the air I was a boy who was lonely only after you left made aware with no hesitation or cold feet we married  the very next year I write everything down that I like and you’ve been written into the songs of my life I was a penniless orphan in a mansion that made me despair rich with affirming emotions  but bankrupt of love I could share you were a boy who was reckless and I was the girl to repair but time spent apart seemed to make us face ourselves instead I write everything down that I like and you’ve been written into the songs of my life and I like the songs that we write the pages filled, recording wars and victories that we’ve been given like altars built, preserving all our history, yes we’ve been written in the melodies you gave to me
Blue 03:50
you used to light up like a spark now you’re blue, treading water in the dark calm like the company of strangers in an elevator hoping the doors will open soon but that’s just you when you are blue I wish you’d   give me your pain I’ll bear it faithfully I’ll give you my name and let you get close to me so don’t be ashamed love is supposed to be the thing that remains but everything changes when you bleed blue   I used to scale your city walls I looked away, and you built them far too tall numb like a world war veteran coming home to greet his family hoping they never find the truth but thats just you when you are blue but you can
 come on and give me your pain we are one in the same we’re both blue


released October 30, 2015

Produced and engineered by Matt MacDonald
Recorded in a garage in Everett, WA
Mixed by Brett Baird
Mastered by Troy Glessner (Spectre Mastering)

Cello on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 by Brian Chan
additional BGV's on The Corner Dwellers, Time, and You've Been Written by Torry Anderson
additional BGV's on Time by Jason Craig

Vocal Few is:

Matt MacDonald: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, Keys
Kristie MacDonald: Vocals, Piano

Album thanks: Our deepest gratitude to our family and friends, who support and encourage our music dreams. A special thanks to those who generously watched our kids throughout the process, giving us the freedom and time to connect and create this album. If you bought this record, we are so grateful for your financial support. Without you, we can’t do this. Thank you.


all rights reserved



Vocal Few Seattle, Washington

Matt & Kristie MacDonald make pop/folk songs that tell stories of travel & change & dreams & struggles. Life's a trip. A roadtrip.

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